Engaging and fun, your team will remember Crystal (and her content!) forever!

Crystal Jonas is the president of Tap Your Genius, Inc., an international company specializing in training and developing individuals and organizations...

Crystal brings life and energy to every presentation, communicating effectively and inspirationally!

International Speaker Crystal Jonas

You can receive keynote presentations from me and seminars and workshops that show you how to transform your thinking and actions so that you can produce positive powerful and permanent results.

You have limitless potential to transform your life and produce amazing outcomes, both personally and professionally. All you need is clear guidance to know exactly how to tap into your own potential.

Companies and individuals who work with me boost:

  • Attitudes
  • Focus
  • Relationships
  • Productivity
  • Profits

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“Crystal was extremely knowledgeable, powerful, and enthusiastic with her training style. She made this experience FUN yet informative. She had everyone laughing!”

-Cori Dunn, Project Operations Specialist, Valleylife


“(Crystal's) talk about joy on the job hit me in a way that I cannot explain. Crystal Jonas changed my life. I realized that not only was joy on the job important, but Joy in everyday life is essential.  (read more at Ronna's Blog)”

-Ronna Denny, Living Our Best Life Blog

“Fun, energetic, informative. Crystal is by far the best presenter ever. . . she is a riot, extremely charismatic, fun, positive person who makes you feel good being in the same room with her. Refreshing!”

-Craig West, Town of Hillsborough





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